Scott Hicks 

Founder And CEO

With more than 15 years of Leadership and Talent Development experience across multiple roles—including 1st and 2nd line Sales Leadership, Product Training, Business and Account Training, and Leadership Development—Scott Hicks knows intimately some of the challenges that corporate leaders face on a daily basis.

Due to the pharmaceutical industry’s constant restructuring, Scott had the opportunity to build and unite 10 teams throughout her career.  This experience taught her that while culture is a key driver to unlocking potential, toxic cultures—which are mainly focused on processes that overshadow people—drive employee disengagement, resulting in hidden costs to the company.

Over time, decades of this type of misstep have resulted in companies that have lost their way (and their why), creating the need for a new type of leadership approach.

For this reason, Scott established L.O.S.T. Consulting LLC (which stands for Leading Organizational Success Together), using her model “Teaming through Integrative Leadership” to assist organizations in co-creating a culture that develops leaders at all levels and unlocking potential in people. Through L.O.S.T., Scott is able to do what she does best— create people-focused environments that generate purpose, engagement, and authenticity, and help companies obtain a competitive advantage by empowering people—not processes.

More about Scott Hicks

  • B.S., Health Science – Clemson University
  • Certification – Situational Leadership
  • Certification – Inside Out/GROW Coaching
  • Certification – DISC
  • Ceritifcation – Emotional Intelligence
  • Certification – What Motivates Me
  • Vistage Worldwide Speaker


Leading Organizational Success

Many companies who come to us, connect with our name. They feel lost because they’ve lost connection with their most important resource: their employees. And in that, they’ve also lost the future leaders of their organization, who have become disengaged and disillusioned with the workplace norms that focus on returns and the bottom line alone. As a result, there are more open positions and retreating staff than ever before—with a lack of growth opportunities as the main reason. The second? Bad leadership. 

The reality is that high maintenance control management doesn’t work in the 21st century. Interestingly enough, in this high-tech world where data rules all, a focus on humanity and the personal relationship between employer and employee can help us find a different level of success; one where a rising tide actually does lift all ships. 

The purpose of L.O.S.T. Consulting is to help organizations find what has been missing and to bring humanity back to work through community and connection. L.O.S.T is designed to re-humanize your workplace, develop leaders at all levels, and unlock the potential of your most untapped resource and greatest asset: your people.

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